In the Beginning..

October 9, 2015…a day that would rock my baking world FOREVER. But let’s go back a few days before this day.

It was a regular ol’ Tuesday. I had taken the girls to preschool and after that chaotic, tear-filled drop off, I decided to come home and bake some Banana Muffins. I had found this awesome recipe on Pinterest a few months ago, altered it to my liking and saved it preparation for that perfect “Fall” day to pull out and enjoy a nice baking day with the girls. But “Fall” STILL hasn’t arrived, and my bananas were so ripe they were about to grow legs and walk away, so I decided what better thing to do to unwind but bake!! After getting all my ingredients together, I got to whisking.

And that’s when it happened. My old trusty hand mixer that I’ve had since pagers were the way of communication, slowly but surely gave up its ghost. After Nicky got home from his meeting, I sadly (and by sadly, I mean with the biggest smile on my face) reported to him “Welp…it looks like you’ll have to be getting me a stand mixer!! The hand mixer finally kicked the bucket!” (R.I.P. little hand mixer…and good lookin out!”) After careful consideration Nicky obliged my request and the excitement began!! In only two short days, I’d be the proud owner of this little beauty!!

mixer 1

Little did I know how quickly “Ol’ Blue Eyes” would change the way I look at cooking and baking forrr-evv-eerrrr!!

First thing Friday morning, I couldn’t contain my excitement! It was the feeling I used to get when I was younger like the day before my birthday or on Christmas Eve. And finally, ding dong!!! It was here!!

I quickly finished folding my laundry (which was such a double-edged sword because I really needed to open this box, but I also really needed my laundry to not be wrinkled!), opened the box and smiled from ear to ear!!!! I had to make something….immediately. So after washing all the parts, I asked the girls if they were ready to help Mommy bake! And boy were they! They love baking with me. And I love baking with them….minus the unusually large mess they make and the mischief that follows them wherever they go. Here they are, ready to go!!! Just look at those faces!!


But I digress. Now to figure out what to make?? Hmmmm….Muffins? Cupcakes?  Cake? AH HA!!! My Grams famous shortbread cookies!! What better way to break in my Kitchenaid mixer, than to make something I made with my Gram in her Kitchenaid mixer throughout my childhood! So off to the bookshelf I went, found the cookbook she gave me with her recipe in it and began my baking journey with Thing 1 and Thing 2 following closely behind me! And so the tradition continued. And I couldn’t be happier!!!

And now that the cookies are done….WHAT SHOULD WE MAKE NEXT!!!!?????

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  1. Jamie

    I would LOVE to have a stand mixer some day. Those things are absolutely amazing, and what a pretty color blue! <3 Thanks so much for the link back on the banana bread muffins!! Looks like you all had a lot of fun. 🙂

    <3 Jamie

    1. Post

      Hi Jamie!!! Thank you for stopping by my site!! You just left the first comment on my first blog post EVER!!! 🙂 Awesome!!
      And your muffin recipe ROCKS!!! My neighbors can’t get enough and neither can my kids!!! 🙂

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