“Workout Wednesday” Chewy Chocolate Protein Bars!!

To say I’ve been missing my daily goodie baking is an understatement.

Around the beginning of December 2015, Nick and I began our “New Year’s Resolution” mission to be in better shape and eating healthier. With the help of this little gem, we hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since!

Well…that is until I first got the urge to bake again. And that’s when I realized how few “healthy” or “low calorie” recipes there really are out there that actually taste ANYTHING like my old baking recipes do.

I tried a few recipes I found on pinterest, but most of them tasted…well…nastily healthy. Frustrated and disappointed, I completely gave up on baking for the time being. But what is life without baking!!??

Since then I’ve been in search of healthy recipes for quite some time now. Not one of them have made the cut as “post worthy”..Until today! I have to say our household goes through TONS of boxes of protein bars a week, so this find was like hitting the jackpot!! For my next batch I think I’ll be adding raw cashews and dried cranberries!



Each bar contains:

PROTEIN: 20.5g               CALORIES: 143.75                SUGARS: 5g        FAT: 1.5g



Combine all ingredients in your stand mixer. Mix until it forms a ball. Place the ball on a silicone mat and roll out into a rectangle. Cut into four bars. Wrap the bars with parchment paper, and place them in the fridge. I think they taste the best after they’ve chilled for about 30 minutes, but you’re more than welcome to enjoy them IMMEDIATELY!



IMG_8016 IMG_8001 IMG_7998 IMG_8002




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  1. Marc Dorado

    These protein bars look healthy and easy to make. The best part is you can pronounce all the ingredients 🙂

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